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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Amsterdam dinner: Burger King

European junk food, delicious if you can only have it once per year.
We arrived too early and had a few hours to kill at the airport. Luckily, my colleague had an X-box in a plastic bag wrapped in tape, so we had about 30 minutes of fun at the airport security. He had to unpack everything, even take out the parts from the box.

Since we are not in Europe very often, we like to eat European junk food when we are here. The types of junk food that are not served in Japan. Since we had already had kebab in Eindhoven, and my colleague had booked a pizza in Sweden, we went to Burger King at the airport. The couple in front of me in the line were Japanese, so I was on the verge of translating for them but they always managed to get the English right just before I would have jumped in... The girl after me in line had problems with here English and in the end just asked the guy at the register if he spoke Dutch (which of course he did, he was Dutch, as was the girl behind me).

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