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Monday, November 7, 2011

Magic dinner show with Toto

Yesterday I went to a magic dinner show. The APA Hotel chain has a deal with the magician Toto from Tokyo. He is also a regular performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. I have seen him twice in his magic bar in Ginza (Tokyo) and went to see him now that he came to Sapporo too.

Since it was a dinner show, first there was about an hour of eating. There was lots of different food to choose from, and free drinks too.

During the show, no pictures were allowed. The show was also about an hour long, and Toto did a lot of very nice magic. He is a great entertainer.

After the magic show, there was also a lottery. Mostly weird stuff was given out, like Nintendo DS software (not so useful unless you actually have a DS) or 24 bottles of APA Hotel water... One of my friends got a huge set of coffee beans.

After the show, I went to a bar with magicians and regulars from our magic bar. They ordered some more food, but since we had eaten too much at the dinner show already, that felt a bit unnecessary. When we left the APA hotel, one of my friends said he had to go home and set off towards the south. I thought he lived in a different part of town now, but hey, he probably knows best. The rest set off north. After a few minutes, the one leading our group said, "Eh, which way is Susukino from here?" ... That would be south and east, mainly south... So we turned around and started going back. We ran into the guy who was on his way home. He was actually trying to get to the subway, which would be north, not south... Apparently Japanese magicians have no sense of direction :-)

Me and Toto
While drinking, we got a call from Toto that he was eating sashimi (raw fish) and drinking somewhere else. His group wanted to meet up with our group, and we moved to a third bar and met them there.

Toto's assistants, the magician Yamamoto (?) and Toto's brother.

Toto is not only very entertaining when he is performing, he is also fun to talk to when he is his "private" self.

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