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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween party 3

One of the waiters.
Yesterday I went to a place called "Hou" in Sapporo with a magician friend. The first time I met him was at a party at Hou, and yesterday there was supposed to be a Halloween party there. The party was pretty much over by the time we got there, though.

A magician from Sapporo that I had never met before.

The staff told us that there was a magician working at the party, so we asked to see him. He came over and did some tricks for us, and we talked for awhile. He was pretty good, and we did not know of this Sapporo magician before.

My two favorites, the clown that cannot move away from the electrical outlet, and the pumpkin with a giant hat.
We also got to see the final parts of a "who has the best Halloween outfit" competition. My favorite was a clown that had a lot of shining lights stuck to her. The funniest part was that she could not walk far from the wall, since she needed to be hooked up to an electrical outlet... Maybe batteries would make the costume more mobile? :-)

The clown glowing in the dark.
Another shot of the pumpkin with a giant hat.

Some of the staff also had nice Halloween looks.

The bartender, with painted glasses under his real glasses...

Pink haired Jason.
Next to us at the counter a young girl came a few minutes after us. My friend said that I should do magic for her, but since there was another magician actually working there that night, that would be inappropriate I think. The girl said that she had probably seen me do magic in the same bar about two years ago, wearing a yukata (Japanese summer kimono). I figured that there cannot be that many blond people doing magic in yukatas in Sapporo, so yes it was probably me. It turned out that she even still had my business card in her wallet! That surprised me more than the magicians magic, I think.

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