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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sayonara Sweden

Autumn in Sweden, rainy and cold.
On Wednesday we started our journey back to Sapporo. It took about 26 hours from me leaving going out the door in Sweden until I was back in my apartment in Sapporo.
More rainy Sweden.
Inside it is warm and nice, though. This is the guest room  in my parents' house.
The guest room used to my room, 15 years ago.

Sweden was rainy and cold, and in Sapporo it was snowing.
My luggage, before getting beaten up by JAL.
My luggage, after getting beaten up by JAL.

The trip went well, apart from my luggage being handled roughly by JAL (Japan Airlines), who usually are careful with my stuff, so one of the metal thingies are now hanging loose.
When I get bored in airplanes I fold roses out of the paper napkin.

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