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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

First class lounge

Curry, bread, stew, and egg on a stick.

We are currently going to a project meeting in Eindhoven (Netherlands). My professor travels obscenely much, so he has the highest level bonus card on most airlines. He can bring one more guest with him into the lounge, so this time I got to go into the first class lounge.

More bread based things, and some fruits.
They have very nice chairs, lots of different types of alcohol that you have unlimited access too, and quite a bit of food. They even having very good bread, which is not so common in Japan. I tried the beef curry, the beef stew, the bread, a muffin, something called pumpkin tortilla, fruits, and chocolate. They also had dried natto (fermented soy beans, smell and taste horrible :-) which I skipped.

Fermented soy beans and chocolate in the same basket.

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