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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Crepe Man

The crepe man
A few times per month, an old man selling Japanese crepes comes to the student cafeteria where I usually have lunch with my colleagues.

Two years ago I was trying to recruit members to the university magic club by table hopping (wandering from table to table doing magic) in the largest cafeteria on campus where all the new students eat. You go to a table with lots of young girls, do some impressive tricks to make them scream, and then lots of boys sitting at tables nearby see this and want to become magicians. Not that doing magic actually helps you get girls (though you can impress them for a short time), but young boys are easily fooled this way...

Anyway, one day the crepe man was also there, and after the main lunch rush had finished and I had visited all promising tables left, I went over to buy a crepe from him. He was impressed that I could speak Japanese and talked to me for awhile. After that, he always talks to me when I pass him trying to sneak out of the cafeteria, so I always feel obliged to buy crepes...

My crepe
Today he was here again, and I (and my Greek colleague who is also easy to recognize/remember) had to buy crepes again :-) My idea of trying to lose a few of the kilos I put on in Europe last week is not doing so well. The mikan-custard-whip (custard cream, whip cream, and orange, wrapped in a very sweet crepe) crepe was pretty good and very cheap, though.

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