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Monday, November 14, 2011

Magic show

Our stage.
On Saturday, I did two magic shows in the shopping mall "Capo" in Sapporo. I went there with a magician friend and we were supposed to do two 30 minute shows for kids.

For the first show, I noticed an acquaintance of mine sitting in the audience. I wondered how he had known we would be there, since I don't think I told anyone. After the show was over I spoke to him and he said he was there to do some shopping with his wife and they had seen a huge sign saying "Jonas Magic Show!" and decided to come by and see me.

My friend remembered to come in the trousers from his suit, but forgot the jacket...

The shows went fine, though some of the things we thought were hysterically funny did not go over at all with the audience. Most of the stuff was popular, though. Pulling large quantities of big boxes with flowers in them from an empty paper bag while actually trying to produce a dove was perhaps the most popular trick. My friend finally produced the bird out of his mouth. We also made a bottle of beer disappear, which had kids coming around looking for the bottle in many different places. I had made a jumbo sized home made version of the Macomical deck, with cute pictures of animals instead of playing cards, which was also popular.

In the elevator we noticed a poster with events that features a picture of me!

The weather outside was unfortunately great on Saturday, so most people spent the day outside. We managed more or less fill all the seats that were placed near the stage, though, and people seemed happy enough. The first show had lots of kids watching, and some gags we did did not work with kids. For the second show, we changed more than half the material and went out to find almost no kids this time... So our timing was kind of off.

5 minutes before the first show, about 30 people had gathered. It increased a little bit once we started.
People waiting for the second show. Again, it filled out a little more once we got started.

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