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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Magic Bar Stockholm

Magic Bar Stockholm
I had three goals with this trip to Sweden: visit my parents, visit my brother and his puppy, and watch magic at the magic bar in Stockholm.

Since I had Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday in Stockholm that should not be a problem I though. I might even get to see the stage show they do at the magic bar (I usually go home to Sweden in the summer, when the magic bar is either closed or has no stage show because of summer holidays... so that would have been nice).

My desserts.
When checking who was performing now on their webpage, the results were: Saturday - booked for a private party (closed). Sunday and Monday - closed. Tuesday - no stage show (only during weekends)... A great shock!

Melting inside. Very nice.
Anyway, since Tuesday was the only time they were open at all, I went there after work. I managed to get there right before closing, and ordered a dessert and some tea. The magician Mr. Dannyman came to my table and showed me some magic, and I could also see him perform for a neighboring table.

The magician, Mr Dannyman.
He was very nice. I like his way of talking or explaining what is going on. Very ironic and funny. My type of humor. He did some tricks with ropes, rings, rubber bands, jumbo cards, and normal cards. I enjoyed his performance, and the people at the neighboring tables seemed completely floored. If only I could manage to be in Sweden when they have a stage show...

Apparently I was taking the same subway home as the magician, after he had changed into more casual clothes.


  1. Ser ut som en fransk artist på den sista bilden XD

  2. Jo :-)

    Men han har fortfarande finbyxor och lackskor.