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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Bread with cranberries inside, and liver paste and pickled cucumber on top.
We landed in Sweden with no problems, and the airport service at Arlanda airport is super fast, so our luggage had already gone at least one lap around the luggage thing before we even reached the pick up place. We missed the train to the city by about 30 seconds, but got to my professor's hotel at a fairly good hour anyway. It took some time to cruise through the hordes of drunk young people barring our way (Friday nights...) though.

After leaving my professor I took the train to my parent's place. They tempted me with delicious looking bread, and I ended up eating some more... It was indeed very good bread, but my "need to lose 10 kg" problem will most likely turn into a "need to lose 15 kg" problem through this trip...

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