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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In-Flight Entertainment

Roses folded from the JAL paper napkins (by me)
During the 11.5 hour flight from Tokyo to Frankfurt, you easily get bored. As usual, I folded my paper napkins into roses, and this time they were placed on display in the self service area by a stewardess that thought they looked nice.

A step by step instruction for preparing your own hamburger.
The breakfast meal also contained an entertaining piece of food. It was a collaboration between Mos Burger and JAL, and it was a hamburger that you put together yourself. The instructions were very detailed. The strangest part was that the buns and the meat patty were separated by paper and the instructions said that you had to remove these papers (step 3). Why was there paper there in the first place?

Me halfway through with my hamburger.

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