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Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday presents!

Today I got unexpected birthday presents! My birthday is October 29, and on that day I got no presents. Well, I did get some photos from a friend, and inside the photo envelope there were three pieces of chocolate, so that should count as a present I think. Two friends also paid for my dinner, which may count. Although the 29th did not see much in the way of presents, I did get licorice filled chocolate from my Swedish friends on the 27th, though.

Rilakkuma-shaped playing cards.

Today (31st) I got one more present from my Swedish friends! Amazing. They gave me a deck of cards shaped like Rirakkuma, a Japanese character.

A present from a secret admirer?

When I got back from lunch there was a present standing on my desk without a note too! I wondered who my secret admirer could be (not many people have access to our building) and shortly found an e-mail from our secretary explaining that the present was from her. A very good day today!

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