Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Osaka trip: purikura

Me with fake (digital) eye lashes and the wrong eye color
When killing time, we went into a Purikura-place. Purikura is what Japanese people consider to be an English word. It comes from "print club" which has been contracted to "pri clu", which then becomes "puri kura" when transliterated with Japanese letters. It means a booth were you take pictures with colorful backgrounds and can then draw on. Recent purikura machines also allows you to change your eye-color (and hair color if you are not blond like me so the system does not understand what is your hair). Some machines also make your eyes larger, make your lips super red, or add very black lines around your eyes.

The one we went to could also add fake eye lashes and things like that, so I changed my eye color and gave myself rainbow colored eye lashes. I made my friend look even stranger, so for the sake of continued friendship, that part of the picture is not shown.

Purikura then prints out the pictures as stickers for you, so you can stick funny pictures of yourself and your friends in your notebooks or on your cell phone.

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