Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Osaka trip: hot weather, skimpy clothes

In Sapporo we had snow fall in the mountains a few weeks back and it is fairly cold even on a good day by now. In Osaka I walked around in a t-shirt and was sweating... So it is quite a lot hotter. Apparently, it was not only me, the locals also wore very little:

Autumn in Osaka, so hot you do not need much clothes
Apparently, right below the Umeda Sky Building observation deck, there was some kind of car related event going on, so there were race queens standing there and being photographed by people with huge cameras.
Race queens
Some people were also taking pictures of cars. I am very uninterested in cars, so I did not really know what was picture worthy and what not, but everyone else was taking a picture of this, so I did too:

There was a booth with race queens handing out energy drinks too.

A very large lens for close up photography

More race queens

I tried the "Shark" energy drink, which has a very cool logo. The taste is not bad either, if you like energy drinks.

Shark, a green drink that tastes nothing like tea

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