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Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday party with pirates

Pirates Carnival, a restaurant with a pirate theme.

October 29 happens to be my birthday, and two friends went out to have dinner with me. They had picked a pirate themed restaurant called "Pirates Carnival", which as it happens, I had been wanting to go to for awhile (though they did not know that).

A skeleton sitting near one of the rooms for big groups.
A nice painted wall in a room with some other customers.
Two waitresses in sort of piraty clothes (others were even better).
Pirates Carnival is a pirate themed restaurant, which means that the names of the dishes are "piraty", the staff wear pirate style uniforms, and there are pirate looking designs on the walls. It looks quite nice. The food is not bad, but not that special. I liked it.

Chicken sticks!
Caribbean chicken.
Anything with bacon must be good!
Japanese style paella.

We was there on the "birthday celebration course" and that included a cake at the end. Even though "Happy birthday" was written with Latin letters, my name was written with Japanese characters...

Happy birthday with Latin letters, my name in Japanese...
Specially made up cocktails with names from the pirate manga Onepiece.
The cash machine looked weird.
The staff were apparently wanted, dead or alive. One guy was worth only 1250 yen, while most were worth millions.
I wonder what Hazuki-san has done to be worth 120 million?
Painted walls were nice.
There were news clippings and pictures of pirate ships on the walls in the men's room. The news were completely unrelated to pirates, though.

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