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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Me with some weird thing stuck to my face.

Yesterday I went to the "snack bar" Ropossa (Sapporo, in reverse in Japanese, sa-double consonant-po-ro --> ro-po-double consonant-sa). A "snack" means a bar where the "mama" and other women working there will talk to you, and can often mean a bar with an expensive charge or expensive drinks but flirty waitresses. Ropossa is a "magic snack". The mama does magic, though she does not call herself a magician and says that the bar is not a magic bar.

Food, dried fish warmed in the oven. Served with very spicy mayonnaise.

If you go there as a magician, she will generally not do much magic for you (though you can still see her show for the other customers), but will instead give you endless amounts of puzzle boxes that won't open, hard to figure out mind games, etc. Very exhausting :-) It is a very fun place to go. The magic show is generally impressive too, with lots of sponge rabbits, sponge penises, bending spoons, and a very long balloon being swallowed whole.

More food, pasta, hamburger steak, and something that is probably cheese.
They have lots of interesting novelty items and toys, they give you some food, and you have unlimited drinks during your time there (all for a fixed price of 3000 yen).

A fountain of milk carton leftover toys jumping out of a box.
Yesterday I had weird things stuck to my face, and was shown a kind of toy made from used milk cartons. You fold your milk carton leftover and place it somewhere, and after a short while it will jump into the air. You can also fill a box with lots of these, and they will spring out like a fountain of flying papers.

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