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Monday, October 31, 2011

My life as a zombie

After the Sapporo Zombie Walk finished, I was scheduled to go to a Halloween party. I had about two hours to kill, and was worried that parts of my makeup needed fixing up.


I started walking home, but decided to stop by Magic Shop Mebius since it was right on my way home. It is a shop that sells goods for magicians, and I am friends with the owner. He was very surprised (to say the least) to see me looking like a zombie. He ran off to get his camera and had me posing with weird props for 10 minutes.

I left the magic shop and when I was turning around the corner on the street the magic shop is to turn towards my place, I ran into a group of six young people (high school students?). One girl screamed and jumped away. One boy also exclaimed that he was surprised, quite loudly. On my way home, other people also stared.

Once home, I got in the elevator behind a young woman, just as it was closing. She turned around and looked at me and asked me what floor I wanted... Then she said: "Halloween?" I said yes, and that I had been to an event called Sapporo Zombie Walk. She said she should have taken Sunday off from work to go see that.

The makeup required fixing (the lips, for instance).

I touched up my makeup and set off for the Halloween party. Usually I walk wherever I need to go inside Sapporo, but my friend has moved and it would take an hour and a half or so to get to her place now. So I had to go by subway.

Alone and awkward in the subway.
Taking the subway alone dressed like a zombie was a bit awkward... I had to change subway lines at the Odori station, which is the most heavily trafficked station in Sapporo. Right in the middle of the busy hours... People stared. People shied away. Luckily, I ran into an acquaintance and his girlfriend inside Odori station, so I could at least talk to them while I was waiting for my train (thus looking less like a lone lunatic). They were going in the opposite direction though, so I was once again alone in the train.

I stood close to the doors, and close to the doors on the opposite side there were two high school girls, one sitting and on standing with her back towards me. The kept throwing furtive looks at me, and talking quietly about "weird foreigner". Not so quiet so that I could not hear them though :-)

They got off one stop earlier than me. When I was looking out the doors at the wall paintings at that station, I noticed that they had stopped just around the corner of the wall near the escalator and peeking out with only their cell phone cameras and their eyes, taking pictures of me :-)

There was also some kid pointing at me inside the subway and talking to his parents about me. The mother kind of nodded to acknowledge that yes there was a crazy foreigner in the train, but tried to not look in my direction.

Once I got off the train I phoned my friend and asked where to go. She said she would come to meet me, and that I could wait for her inside the super marked next to the station. I decided it would be better to wait outside... My friend came up on me from behind (from where I look normal) and was quite scared when I turned around when she said hello.

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