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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween party no. 1

After work, at around 4 A.M., I stopped by "Bottom Cafe" on my way home. They had a Halloween party on my birthday last year (that I also showed up at at around 4 or 5 A.M. since I was doing magic then too) and they put their Halloween party on the 29th this year too.

Me dressed up to look like a Westerner.

A blond wig, and a nose that Japanese people think looks Western (or at least non-Japanese).
At their Halloween party you get in for half the normal charge if you come dressed up in something funny. Though the full price is ridiculously cheap too. Last year they told me that if I dress up as a magician, they would not consider that to be a special costume since I actually am a magician. So I dressed up as a "foreigner", with a blond wig, a fake nose from a "dress up like a Westerner"-set, blue eye stickers, and a t-shirt with something weird written in Japanese (i.e., that no Japanese person would buy). That went over quite well.

A t-shirt proclaiming me to be a genius.
I wanted to do something different this year, but I was too busy to find a new costume so I dressed up as a foreigner again. I changed the t-shirt from "I love 神戸 (Kobe)" to "天才 (Genius)", though.

Yuuji who works in Bottom Cafe had a very nice zombie outfit. I wanted to dress up like a zombie too, since there was the Sapporo Zombie Walk event on the 30th. Too bad I did not have enough time to prepare.

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