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Monday, October 24, 2011

Healthy food

Saturday evening was very busy in the magic bar, but after midnight we had only one couple that stayed until 2 or so. Then nothing. Since there is currently a campaign at MacDonald's here, with Big Mac being about half normal price, we decided that one of us would have to go there and buy lots of Big Mac.

A healthy midnight snack

When we decide stuff like this, we draw cards. Since there were three of us, we took 5 red cards and a joker. If you draw the joker, you have to go. Usually, my colleague Tsune loses 10 times out of 10, even if he gets to shuffle the cards etc. himself. Unfortunately, he was not there on Saturday, so it was more of an even field.

Japanese Big Mac, the same as Big Mac anywhere else
I mixed up the cards and we let our youngest part-time magician draw his card first. He took the joker and the game was over before anything else even started. So he had to go buy 5 Big Macs, one large set of fries, and some chicken nuggets. Eating two Big Macs at three in the morning does not sound all that healthy (after having pizza for dinner, no less), but it was cheap!

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