Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Osaka trip: cheesy Japanese food

In the evening we went to an izakaya (Japanese style bar) to have local food. It turned out that the place (called Eat-Man, which is a slightly strange name) seemed specialized in food with cheese, so there was cheese in almost everything. Which was good.

Otooshi, the appetizer you get (and pay for) without ordering

Nama-harumaki, spring rolls that are not fried. Here served with cheese inside, which is not so common.

Horse radish and crispy potato, a salad kind of thing.

Ika-yaki, fried squid in a pancake like thing. A local speciality.

Cheese gratin with various vegetables.

Spring rolls with curry, cheese, and fish eggs.

Me and the spring rolls.

Renkon (lotus root) fried with cheese. My friend's favorite food is renkon.

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