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Monday, October 31, 2011

The effects of the Fukushima incident?

My skin turning whiter than normal. Probably not Fukushima related.

After the Sapporo Zombie Walk and the Halloween party I got home and finally had a chance to wash off my zombie makeup. The syrup based blood comes off from your skin really easy, so that is not a problem. It does stick to anything, though, and getting the red food coloring out of clothes is more difficult. I still have blood spatter all over my bathroom even though I cleaned it three times by now. The stuff has apparently ended up everywhere, and I find new spots of blood every time I go near the bathroom.

My bathroom turned messy.

The face paint was more difficult to get rid of. I spent 45 minutes in the shower, finally resorting to using a Scotch Brite pad with a very rough texture to try to scrub paint off. Most of the paint is gone, I think, though there is still some stuck around my eyes, in my eyelashes, in my ears, and under my nails. My hair still has paint and possibly some syrup in it too.

Time to wash the shirt?
I still have not begun cleaning my clothes. I like the look of the t-shirt, so I might keep it as it is (though it smells quite strongly of maple). The jacket will be difficult, I think.

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