Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Weird or disgusting food series: liver sashimi

In Japan, "sashimi" (刺身) is very common delicacy. Sashimi means thinly sliced raw meat. The most common type of meat is fish, but there are many other kinds too, for instance horse sashimi.

Liver sashimi (レバ刺し) is quite popular in Japan and you can find it in many restaurants all over the country. This is of course thinly sliced raw liver (usually beef, but deer is also quite common here in Hokkaido). The liver is often more or less frozen when served, and when it melts (if you let it melt instead of eating it) the plate turns into a sea of blood.

I am not fond of liver sashimi. The taste is fine, better than cooked liver, but the texture is disgusting. It tends to just melt in your mouth. Of course, this seems to be fairly popular in Japan, with a previous blog post on shirako (fish sperm) that is similar in texture and also popular. Liver sashimi also looks a bit disgusting once it starts melting.

Taste: OK
Texture: disgusting (melts in your mouth)
Looks: a bit disgusting once melting

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