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Monday, June 11, 2012

After party

After the carrying of heavy stuff (like the stage floor for the stage in the magic cafe) up long and winding stairs was over, it was time for the after party. The new students had had their first taste of performing magic on stage and close up, and everyone was happy and many drank too much.

The first party was 2 hours of absurd amounts of food.

A drink with what appeared to be a squashed kiwi  in the bottom of the glass. It was somewhat hard to drink a kiwi through a straw.

The second party had more or less the same amount of food... which was way too much of course.

One new student who did rope magic (which is what I was assigned for my first year too) is now hooked on rope magic, so him and me discussed rope magic things for an hour or so, which was fun.

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