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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mexican food, politics, and alcohol

Mexican tacos with spicy chicken.
About twice per month, my Greek colleague and my Swedish colleague go out to eat together. If I am free, I usually tag along too. This week we went to a restaurant that serves Mexican food.

We also usually end up discussing politics, or conspiracy theories. Me and my Greek colleague more or less see things the same way, though there are some things we disagree on. Our Swedish colleague on the other hand, has surprisingly different views on all kinds of things.

All of us like arguing, so we keep going for hours and hours even though we have never ever made any progress in any direction as far as I can recall.

A very sweet cocktail.
We had dinner from 19:30 to 23:00 when the restaurant closed. Then we continued on to a bar I know and stayed there until 03:00... I asked for any cocktail that was somewhat rare and that I would probably never have tried before. I ended up with a "maccha-moni" (in Japan, "spumoni" is a famous cocktail, containing Campari, tonic, and grapefruit juice; maccha moni has maccha (green tea) liqueur instead of Campari) and something that I did not catch the name of.

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