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Monday, June 25, 2012

Magic show at Chavda

African drums
I have a magician friend who does magic as a hobby. We were introduced by a girl working in a bar where both of us used to go but where we had actually never met. She told me: "There is another magician who comes here a lot. Next time he comes, I will call you." After she introduced us, we have become very good friends.

Anyway, the restaurant where she now works had their one year anniversary recently, and she asked us if we could do some magic at their anniversary party. The timing was really bad, since we were scheduled to fly to Tokyo early the next day, but we said yes anyway because she was the one who introduced us.

We walked around and did close up magic for people, and also did two sets of parlor magic in front of all the guests. We even did a small illusion, making one of the waiters disappear and then reappear outside the restaurant.

Stand up comedy
There were some other performances during the night too, like stand up comedy, singing, and a group of people playing African drums (they were great!).

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