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Friday, June 8, 2012

School festival

Notice the student in the background dressed up in a home made (from A4 papers taped together) Totoro suit!
Today was the first day of the school festival of our university. The school festival sees lots of students serving lots of strange food, so we usually go to the festival area for lunch during the festival days. Today I had a wide selection of strange but good food.

The students also dress funnily, organize bizarre games, play music, perform all kinds of things, and do many other things during the festival.

Something that was similar to a pancake or crepe, filled with pizza sauce and cheese.

This is a tai-yaki waffle with melted cheese and tuna inside.

This is a very very tiny hot dog.

Here is some deep fried ice cream.

More deep fried ice cream.

Colorful cakes.

Alligator and ostrich meat.

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