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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Viking food

One of our students in our lab always talks about how little money he has. I once told him about a place in Sapporo where you can have 80 or 90 minutes of "all you can eat" of pizza, pasta, salads, some rice based dishes, 40 types of cakes, ice cream, and waffles and crepes that they make right in front of you when you ask for them. This costs 1380 yen (or 1680 yen for 90 minutes during dinner time), which is very cheap, something like 10 or 14 Euro (depending on how hard the Euro is crashing right now).

So this student has been asking me to take him there many many times. It is not difficult to find so I guess he could have gone without me too, but apparently he wanted company. Last Sunday we went there. It was me, the French student, his girlfriend, and one more student, from Russia.

In Japanese, buffet style "all you can eat" type of deals are called "viking". So we had "sweets viking". You can also have "Indian Viking" and other things that sounds a bit strange to me, since the word "viking" in Swedish (or English) has no such meaning.

The restaurant is called "Shall we sweets". Which is also a bit strange. In Japan, they use "shall we" and "let's" without verbs. As in "Let's Hokudai school festival" or "Let's English!".

Anyway, the food was good but I ate too much. We also had a table near the window, and since the restaurant is on the 8th floor, we had a nice view too.

The Russian student surprised me by eating for about 15 minutes, and not eating very much during those 15 minutes either, and then saying "I am full. I cannot eat any more"... So it would seem having "viking" for him is a bad deal, since he could have had more or less the same amount of food by buying a sandwich for 200 yen in the convenience store, haha. My French student's girlfriend also surprised me by speaking better English than the French student.

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