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Monday, June 25, 2012

Tokyo magic bars

I went to Tokyo with a friend to visit some magic bars. More details are available at my magic blog.

Food at Usagi-ya

Food at Usagi-ya

Food at Usagi-ya
First, I also wanted to buy a t-shirt with a salmon eating salmon sushi. I have one, but I use it for magic and would like to have two or three more, so I can do this trick several days in a row without having to do laundry every day. Sadly, the t-shirt shop where I bought it is now gone! A big shock! No other shop nearby (or anywhere else in the world that I know of) sells this t-shirt either... I ended up buying a few other t-shirts instead. One has a family of bears eating a bear paw (same series as the salmon), one has "ドM" written on it (which means "very M", as in the M from S&M), and one has "by some definition, a god" written on it in Japanese.

Bartenders at Usagi-ya
The magic bars were great. We went to one place called Usagi-ya, that we had not been to before, that served great food too. We had a full course meal, and got to see two different magicians perform during our dinner.

Kamiguchi Ryusei, very nice magician at Magic Bar Surprise
Then we went to Magic Bar Surprise, just two minutes walk from Usagi-ya. There, three different magicians did magic for us. One of them remembered me very well from my previous visit.

The interior of magic bar Half Moon
Finally, we went to the magic bar Half Moon, which is possibly the best magic bar in Tokyo. This was great, as always.

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