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Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hato sabure
Yesterday in our magic bar, a magician came and visited us. He has recently moved back to Sapporo from a long stay in Tokyo. Now he was back from another Tokyo trip and brought us "omiyage" (souvenirs, usually cookies) which is the Japanese custom (you have to give something to every person you have ever met, after each trip).

He brought "Hato sabure", dove cookies. This is a fairly famous Tokyo omiyage. My name, Jonas, also means dove. I have been asked by Japanese friends to always bring hato sabure from Tokyo since I am also "hato".

Yesterday, three Japanese friends of mine also were in the magic bar at that time, and they thought it was hysterical that I was eating a hato sabure, since my name also means "hato", and since I was (and usually am when meeting them) wearing a t-shirt with animals being cannibals (yesterday it was a family of pigs eating fried pork).

Later, another group of 5 people who are my friends also showed up, so more than half the people that came yesterday showed up because of me...

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