Monday, June 11, 2012

More school festival

The second day of the school festival I had lunch at the student tents again. Me and our French exchange student also went around and looked at some of the other things available, such as the model railway diorama. 

"Foreign" food (or at least inspired by foreign food):

Mexican tacos.

Korean chijimi

Thai food

Mongolian food
Beef steak

"Japanese" food:

A chocolate filled waffle

Deep fried ice cream

Potato croquette (Japanese dish)

Very difficult to eat without making a mess food/drink

Funny clothes:

Some people walked around dressed like black gods with white faces

The model railway club:

The model railway club gave you a train ticket when entering.

The model railway diorama had a train with a tiny camera on board, so you could see the view the driver would have had had there been one!

The "Niko niko bar" (Japanese YouTube bar): 

A drink named after some animated character.

A person dressed as an animated character.

A menu with drinks named after animated characters. The only character I recognized was Hatsune Miku (who is "made in Sapporo") so I ordered based on the ingredients instead. Then I had no idea if it was my drink or not when the bartender showed up and said "Did you order the Rei-Rei?"...

Other clubs:

The crime story club had a display

 The drawing manga club:
A post card I bought, drawn by the manga club.

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