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Friday, June 8, 2012

Veterinarians, funny shoes, strange food

The cute depictions of what animals you can eat were also good.
Today was the first day of the school festival at our university. The festival consists of the students dressing up in funny clothes, selling strange food, playing music, organizing games, etc.

The dark meat in the bottom of the picture is ostrich. The parts with toothpicks in them are alligator.
The best food is usually provided by the veterinarian department. The veterinary students always sell food based on some strange animal. This year they sold deep fried alligator meat and deep fried ostrich meat.

The staff also had funny shoes.


  1. So, was the taste good? We're going to hokudaisai on Saturday, maybe they will still have this meat there :D
    on the other hand - where did they got the meat of ostrich and alligator? It should be really expensive...

    1. It was good, but it is very similar to chicken so it is not that special.

      I have bad both alligator and ostrich in different restaurants in Susukino, so I guess it is not that hard to get this type of meat in Sapporo.

      The veterinarian students were selling ostrich two years ago too, at the Hokudaisai.

      Their booth is right outside the Kita 18 exit of Hokudai, and I think they said they will have a small zoo during the weekend too.

    2. Jonas, thank you for this info :) Niko surely will enjoy small zoo :D

    3. I think he will enjoy it. I enjoyed it a few years ago :-)

      I am not exactly sure what day and what times the said it would be, though. But probably Saturday, at least. Probably.