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Monday, June 25, 2012

Tokyo Sky Tree

Me in front of the Tokyo Sky Tree
In Tokyo, the recently finished building the Tokyo Sky Tree. It is 634 meters high, and thus one of the highest man made structures in the world (currently number 2, I think).
There is a 32 floors high building next to the Sky Tree, from where you can watch the Sky Tree (but why you would want to, I am not sure)

Since it is newly opened, if you want to go up to the observation deck you have to book tickets well in advance. It is sold out for the next 6 months, I am told!

We had no tickets, so we only took pictures from below, and went shopping in the shopping area underneath/around the tower. There is a Studio Ghibli (Japanese anime) shop that is very nice, and a shop selling food sample thingies made from plastic that is also very interesting. The shopping areas are also very crowded, though.
I had "Sicilian Rice" for lunch. Very good.
Sky Tree shaped bottles of water.

Everyone was lining up to take a picture from inside a stone monument where it looks like the top of the Sky Tree is stuck to the stone monument, so I did that too.

There was a strange ice cream bar, where you took a cup and poured whatever type of ice cream you wanted (mixing was OK) into it and paid based on the weight when leaving the self serving area.

There were also lots of toppings to add.

I had all kinds of ice cream mixed with all kinds of toppings.

The Ghibli shop had some cute dioramas 

Another (huge) Totoro diorama
I bought some plastic toys in the Ghibli shop

I bought some purses in a souvenir shop.

I found some Sky Tree playing cards, and the cards show the construction of the Sky Tree as a stop motion movie.

I bought some food samples made in plastic to use as presents and for magic tricks.

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