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Monday, July 22, 2013

Am I super hot, or am I like a dog in a Batman costume?

During the weekend there was a small festival in our entertainment district. There were some stalls in the streets (that were closed off from traffic during the evenings) and a stage with various performances. I, and many others, went there in a yukata (Japanese summer kimono, something you usually wear to festivals).

I ran into a girl I know who was working in one of the food stalls, so I bought some food there. I also noticed that lots of people were taking photos of me when they thought I was not looking. A woman who seemed to be a tourist came up to me and asked if she could take a photo of me and her son together. Another woman came up and asked if her husband could take a photo of her and me together...

My first theory was that people finally must have realized how cool I am. My Japanese friends upon hearing this theory told me in no uncertain terms that they believed that to be wrong... I then thought that maybe people mistook me for a celebrity, but I do not look like anyone famous that I know of.

My current theory is that it is similar to seeing a dog wearing a Batman costume. Even if the dog does not look cute or cool in the Batman costume, seeing a dog dressed like Batman is just weird or rare enough that you would take a picture anyway. Same thing with a westerner in a yukata, probably.

One of my Swedish friends upon reading about my first ("I must be super cool") theory said that it would help if there was a photo of me so they could check my theory for me. I had to disappoint her, though, since I did not take any photos of myself. An image search on Google also did not bring up any of the many photos taken of me during the night.

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