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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Fireworks at the Toyohira river

On Friday I managed to leave work only half an hour after my contracted hours (I usually stay much later) and hurried home. I changed into my latest yukata, folded up my recently purchased tiny "blue sheet" and walked over to the Toyohira river. It usually takes about 10 minutes to walk there, but yesterday it took closer to 20 minutes. The reason was of course the Toyohira fireworks festival.

A sunflower
Bizarre amounts of people gather to watch the very nice fireworks. I reached the riverside at around 18:30 and the fireworks start 19:45. When I got there, it was already very very crowded. When the fireworks start, you are sitting in a sea of people. After the fireworks are over, getting home takes forever since there are too many people walking around blocking all the streets (even though they do close off all the nearby roads from cars). Trying to get on the subway is impossible (though I of course live walking distance away from the place, so my closest station would be the same station you got on the train at, making it not only impossible but also pointless).

My best photo of a pig shaped firework, but still blurry.
The fireworks were quite nice. I especially like the ones that explode into interesting shapes, like a pineapple, Hello Kitty, or a heart. Previous years they had lot of these, but this year it was almost only a pig shaped firework in this category.

My one person sized blue sheet worked very well, and was sadly large enough for all the people I sat with to fit on it... It folds down to a size small enough to put in your yukata sleeve (yukatas do not have pockets so you shove things into the sleeves instead) and light enough not to unbalance how the yukata hangs on you.

The person standing in the middle is a boy dressed in a dress, waiting for the fireworks to start.

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