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Friday, July 5, 2013


On the way to Trier we stopped to take a look at the Mosel river. There is lots of wine being made on the hills along the river.
We made an afternoon excursion to the city of Trier one day. The boss of the event was born there.

Trier is a very nice place. It has ruins from the Roman era. At that time, Trier was a big and important city.

Trier is also the birthplace of Karl Marx, and our guide made a stop in front of the house where he lived.

Karl Marx, born in Trier
The pink house that says "Euro Shop" was once the home of Karl Marx.
Now there is even a Modehaus Marx ("Fashion house Marx")

The Black Gate, an old Roman building that was one of the gates to the city when the Romans had a city wall around it.
A fake Roman standing inside the gate house.
Once the Roman emperor's hall, now a Protestant church.

At one time, someone got the bright idea to reuse the wall of the old Roman hall as one of the walls in a new ugly pink building...
The garden in front of the Emperor's hall was also nice.
There were also ruins of an old Roman bath house (huge, this is just one corner).

In the old days when the security in the streets was not as good, the rich people had the doors high up and a ladder to reach the door (that you pulled up when the poorer people were rioting in the streets). Now people have opened up doors on the first floor of the old buildings too, since that is more convenient.
Catholic church, with exciting relics inside.
This Catholic church has a coat that is said to have been worn by Christ.
The room containing this coat.

The rest of the church.

Outside, there were remains of one of the once huge stone pillars (there were four of them) that were used to prop up some part of a building here. Now you can sit on these historical remains and have ice cream.

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