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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

People showing their breasts in the streets

There are many Japanese festivals, and we have many festivals just here in Sapporo. Some themes are common, like stalls selling skewers with grilled chicken and people wearing yukatas. Some festivals have very special themes, and some do not.

After undressing quite a lot

Last week we had a small festival in our entertainment district (there are several bigger ones in the same district at other times of the year too). There was a small stage were people played jazz music, had a 17 man brass band playing "Latino style music", and much more.

A very skilled performance using feathers

There was also a performance called something like "burlesque sexy dance". First one woman came on stage and danced around a bit while undressing, and finally danced with two enormous feather fans and not much else. You could give her tips by either putting it in her panties or putting it in your own mouth and then she would take it from their with her mouth. She is a burlesque dancer that perform all over the world, it was said. Her stage name is Miwa Rock, and she has a blog.

Right before undressing

After her, a group of girls and one man did a similar dance and undress show, with a similar tipping system. They were also quite funny, and after having undressed to just panties and tassels taped to their breasts, they jumped around making the tassels spin like propellers. After that, it turned out that their panties could separate into one part tube top and one part panties, so they could easily re-dress again, which was very clever. The group is called Murasaki ("purple" in Japanese) Baby Doll, and there is a Murasaki Baby Doll Web page.

Undressing to panties and tassels

After using a clever contraption making panties into panties and a top!
It was somewhat surprising to see this type of show in the middle of a busy street (in front of 7-Eleven) at a fairly early hour, but everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

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