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Thursday, July 4, 2013


We had to spend one night in Frankfurt on our way to Dagstuhl, since we were told that Dagstuhl was in the middle of nowhere, too far away, and closed when we would have arrived if we went straight there.

Our secretary had booked us into a hotel very close to the Frankfurt main station, which also meant we were right on the outskirts of what seemed to be the prostitution and gambling area.

We took a walk to an old square were tourists go, and had some German looking food in a restaurant where over half the guests were Japanese and all the Germans also spoke some Japanese. Very authentic German food, I am sure.

I wore a t-shirt saying "I am not Japanese" in Japanese, and a car that randomly had to stop when we wanted to cross the street turned out to be full of Japanese people who pointed at me and wondered why someone in Frankfurt looking like me would need such a shirt.

There were lots of bachelorette parties going on, and we kept running into different groups of girls in strange outfits.

This shopping mall had a hole in it.

The hole from the inside.

The cathedral, seen through the weird glass windows of the shopping mall.

The opera house.

This sushi placed is called "My Sushi" in Japanese.
There was lots of broken glass in Frankfurt.
More broken glass.
German cars.
There were some pretty long and straight avenues near the river.
There was a sign stating that a steam train sometimes runs by here.
The river.
Homeless person sleeping near the river.
A Euro monument.

Something that once was a bicycle, still locked to the fence.

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