Friday, July 19, 2013

Clothes shopping

It has now become summer here and most days it is over 30 degrees Celsius. I for once had a whole day with nothing at all schedules and spent it shopping around for clothes. I need jackets to do magic sometimes, but it always gets too hot if you wear a jacket. In the super hot summer, perhaps they sell very thin jackets, I hoped. And they did.

In one store I ran into a guy who said he had seen me on TV. He helped me pick out two very thin jackets and I apparently entered their store during the special "time sale" period of the day and got 60% off on the price on the tag. When I was paying he also mentioned that actually we had met once before. Six years ago he sold me a jacket in a different store in another part of Sapporo. Very good memory, that guy.

I also bought another jacket in another store, and hung them up near a pair of trousers I bought recently. The trousers caused our secretary to complain to me that my clothes were too gaudy. I said they are white with some black on them, neither white nor black are very loud colors. She said the color was not the problem.


  1. Jag tyckte brallorna var coola, jag!!! :-)

  2. Ja, det tyckte jag också. Det var därför jag köpte dem. Folk stirrar på en när man har dem på sig, men å andra sidan stirrar ju folk på en bara man är ljushårig här (inte lika mycket, men ändå) så det gör ju inte så stor skillnad :-)

  3. Att klä sig för att INTE väcka uppmärksamhet vedrkar bara tråkigt!! :-)