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Friday, July 5, 2013

Free ice cream, no freezer

I won a box of 10 cups of ice cream in a campaign from a company making ice cream that I like. Actually, I won two such boxes. They deliver one box to your home, and they deliver one more box to anyone else that you want. I sent the second box to my Swedish friend, who likes ice cream and who has a family.

I myself have no family, no friends, and no freezer. This meant that when they delivered 10 cups of ice cream to my door, the only logical thing to do was to eat all 10 of them before they melted. I sat down in front of a low brow action movie and managed to eat all of the ice cream.

Luckily, this is diet ice cream, so it has almost no Calories. If you eat only one. If you eat 10 cups, it has about the same amount of Calories as a normal dinner, so I was still safe. A Facebook friend commented that perhaps it was still OK as far as Calories go, but the nutritional value of having only ice cream for dinner was debatable. I figure that since there were raisins and cookies in there too, I had bread (cookies), milk based stuff (ice cream), and fruits (raisins). So perhaps I should have added some meat to make the dinner even better, but all in all not that bad.

Though I must say that while I managed to eat all 10 cups, I feel like I do not need any more ice cream in the near future. As in not until next year or so...


  1. Slår vad om att Micke blev glad!! :-) Han hade nog inte haft något emot att göra som du TROTS att han har frys hemma! :-)