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Friday, July 5, 2013

Running away, and "German potatoes" in Germany

One evening, a German guy I know who lives near Dagstuhl (for some definition of "near" at least) came out by car and picked my up and we went to a village nearby and had dinner there. It was fun to meet him again, and the food was good too!

German potatoes!

I also got to take a picture of what the Germans call Bratkartoffeln (potatoes fried in a frying pan). This is called "German potatoes" in Japan. In Japan, "German potatoes" means potatoes fried with onions and bacon. In Germany, it just indicates potatoes, but as luck would have it, in the restaurant we went they came with onions and bacon!

My "light" dinner, so as not to grow too fat during the 8 days of unlimited food...

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