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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Attic Halloween Party

The blood themed costumes together
I was invited by a friend to go with her to a Halloween party in a place called "Attic". It turned out that I had been there once before, six years ago. At that time I was invited by another friend. She asked me if I "wanted to go see some Japanese stand-up comedy" and I said yes. She later also said that she would not actually have time to go, so I ended up going there alone. When I arrived, they said: "Ah, you must be Jonas, the jury member!" ... I ended up being one of three judges deciding who should win some fairly substantial amounts of money in a stand-up comedy competition. Seeing as how I knew nothing about Japanese comedy, and not that much Japanese at the time, that was a bit weird. It was a lot of fun, though.

The friend that invited me this time showed up to the party, though, and I was not asked to be anything other than a participant in the party. When I showed up my friend was in a back room, changing into her costume, so people stared at me and wondered who I was and what I was doing there. But some of them knew the name of my friend, and I was let in without problems.
Pig ears (in the back) and pig noses (front), Japanese snacks
Booze and snacks

Home made Halloween cookies

The party was in a quite small room, centered around a table full of snacks and alcohol. There were lots of sweets, but also things like sliced pig ears and sliced pig noses.

Darth Maul, with a retractable light saber!
The "Super Moon". It said "SUPER" with small Latin letters on the cardboard too.
I was asked to wear the Super Moon thingy, but had to hold it with my hands or it would become covered in sticky blood.
Everyone had dressed up for Halloween, though some had put more effort into it than others. Some costumes were impressive because they were so well made, for instance Darth Maul. Others were impressive because the idea was funny, for instance the guy who showed up as the "Super Moon" (a full moon at a time when the moon looks extra big when seen from Earth for any reason).

Some people were getting tied up. Others weer taking pictures of those tied up.
Other than drinking, eating, and taking photos with other strangely dressed people, you could also ask to be tied up with ropes if you wanted to. There was a bondage specialist there, and he tied up a few people that either wanted to try that or that knew how it felt and wanted to feel like that again. You could also be whipped with a huge whip if you wanted to.
Lots of girls were taking pictures of the China dress cat girl (?), so I tried to take a photo showing both the model and the photos taken of the model.
Me and a blood stained doctor
A man with a skull
Medusa's snakes felt were strange to touch (soft and rubbery)
Someone's mustache got stuck to a cute little doll.
The same doll bringing you marshmallows
Men dressing up as women is always popular
The Super Moon without the actual Super Moon
The Super Moon wearing a witch's hat
Walking around in the streets
Posing in the streets

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