Saturday, November 2, 2013

Bottom Cafe Halloween Party

A mummy and two zombies eating fried pumpkin together

Last year I managed to spend a little time at the Bottom Cafe Halloween party after my shift in the magic bar ended. This year, the party was on a Thursday, so I could spend even more time there. I even managed to get some food.

Pimpkin pie
The pumpkin fries were dangerously delicious!
The food was great! Everything was pumpkin based. Pumpkin salad, pumpkin pie, and French fries made with pumpkin instead of potato. These were excellent!

We showed up to the party at around 23:30, and the place was full of people. When I left at around 03:00, it was still quite lively. Not bad for a Thursday evening. My friends tell me that it was still going strong at around 05:00 when they went there...

There were lots of people with interesting costumes. I liked the mummy DJ. One girl I know came up to me and said she had been inspired by my (zombie) look and had tried to make something similar. Her zombie look was very good, much cuter than I have ever looked.
DJ Mummy
My name sounds like the word for eggplant in Japanese, so this guy was pretty much dressed up as me. 
Zombie nurse smoking
It took me a while to figure out that this is Kiki from "Kiki's delivery service", but once she got her cat back from someone who had borrowed it, everything clicked.
The sexy zombie and the sexy police where the two most common themes.
The sexy police had small sexy handcuffs (thumb cuffs) stuck to the garter belt, and I got caught.
Blinking glasses

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