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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Having lipstick smeared all over your face

My friend, not in costume
On my way home, I also stopped by "One Star Bar", where one of my friends now works. My friend has a fairly noticeable hair style. When he was going to work, he met lots of people in costumes, going to various Halloween parties all over Sapporo. He, and many other people, kept looking at these people and guessing what they were supposed to look like etc. He also noticed that everyone kept looking at him the same way, and was a bit frustrated. He was not dressed up at all, he just looks like that every day, haha.

There was no Halloween party there, but I ended up sitting at the counter and next to me sat a girl who was also in costume. She said she was supposed to be "a porn star who died of HIV". That was probably one of the most unique ideas for Halloween I ran into this year, though she looked a lot like the "sexy zombie" theme that was very common.

Different levels of white
She was very impressed with how white I looked and said she envied Westerners in this way. I tried to explain that this was actually painted with white paint, but she said she had used white make-up too, and still I was much whiter than her. Again, this is actually white paint, which covers any surface and makes it super white, I tried to explain, but she was not convinced. She instead unbuttoned her dress to show that her stomach was not at all as white as my (painted) arm, and neither were here breasts even through her see-through bra. She also had see through panties. For someone who was supposed to have died of disease, she did seem to have an incredibly healthy body, though, so that was perhaps a kind of failure for her costume, haha.

After having red lipstick added to my face
She also thought that I did not have enough red on my face, so she painted my face with her red lipstick. I was a bit worried that this would be hard to wash off, but it was not that bad. It was more difficult to get rid of than the white paint, which just melts away with water (not so great if you encounter rain, or start to sweat, but convenient when you are finished) but it washed off with soap.

She was there with a customer from the place where she works (which turned out to be the building next to the magic bar where I work), and since he was not dressed up at all, she also colored his face with lipstick. He got a huge heart on his forehead, and a lot more red on his cheeks. He was not happy about that, and trying to wipe it off with the face towels in the bar just smeared it out all over his face, making him completely red.

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