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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Japanese Christmas food

Since it is now November, our university cafeteria has started promoting their Christmas food selection. There are two things that are considered Christmas food: 1) chicken, and 2) anything with red, green, and yellow colors.

Number 1) is because everyone in Japan knows that "all Westerners" eat Kentucky Fried Chicken for Christmas, this being the most traditional Christmas food every in Europe and America. The reason seems to be something like "Americans eat Turkey. Turkey is a bird. So is chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken is chicken and American. If it is done in America, all Westerns do it." Who can argue with that?

Number 2) is because red (Santa, Christmas lights, etc.) is a Christmas color, and so is green (Christmas trees), and apparently also yellow (?). So we also get such Christmasy food as beef curry with omelette wrapped rice covered in ketchup (which, by the way, my Japanese friends believe is a Western dish) with a small piece of broccoli.

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