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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Wandering around as a zombie

After the Rootstock event and the after party were over, I went to our magic bar to see if they needed some help (normally I help out on Fridays, but I took a day off to do a magic show at Rootstock). Walking there in my zombie makeup, lots of people stared, pointed, or made noises in my direction. Outside the LAWSON convenience store, a woman said: "Ah, Jonas". It was the "mama" from Ropossa, who was completely unsurprised by me looking like a zombie. We talked for a few minutes outside the convenience store and then she went home.

Our magic bar turned out to be completely empty, so my boss there took some photos of me in our corridors. These corridors look like the could have been made to be used in a zombie movie...

These corridors are full of rust and it looks like real zombies could show up any time now.

I then dropped by our other magic bar, which was also closing at that time. They were not that surprised to see me, but some people in the elevator where. When I took the elevator down from the ninth floor, it stopped at the seventh, fifth, and third floor too. On the seventh, a young woman screamed, and ran away when the doors opened. She was there to see one of her guests off. He also looked a bit worried, so I politely asked in Japanese if he was going down. He said I should go first and he would take the next elevator. Despite the huge elevator having only me in it...

On the fifth floor, another young woman screamed and jumped away from the doors. She did ride the elevator in the end though, all the while laughing and complimenting me on how good my makeup was. On the third floor a drunk man entered and showed no signs at all of noticing anything strange with me.

A Facebook comment on this photo was: "Jonas is such a nice person"... I guess the face just says "nice".
I got off at the second floor and dropped by Bottom Cafe. Six people commented that it was no longer Halloween. I explained that this is not a Halloween costume, these are my work clothes. They were not convinced. Ten minutes later, a girl who was more or less in the middle of this group of people and who had been talking to the rest of us suddenly gave a small shout and apparently finally noticed that my face was a bit weird. An unexpectedly slow reaction.

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