Saturday, November 16, 2013

Birthday presents!

Normally, this roll cake is shared among 6 people, but we got 4 complete roll cakes for the 4 people working ... a bit much perhaps :-)
One of our regular customers in our magic bar always comes with lots of omiyage (edible souvenirs) since she does not live in Sapporo. And she usually brings a lot. One time she brought 6 mega sized hamburgers, for instances.

This time, she brought roll cake. Normally this roll cake would be shared among 6 people. She figured that since there are four people working in our magic bar, she should bring four complete roll cakes... which was perhaps a bit too much... But they were quite good.

Russian roulette taken to the level of "Russian suicide" instead of roulette.
In our magic bar we also serve spicy chicken. One option is called "Russian roulette", and then you get 8 pieces of chicken were 2 or 3 are super spicy. And that actually means very spicy. I have grown numb towards very spicy food after eating too much Death Sauce and other fairly spicy things, but this Russian roulette stuff still burns painfully. Our regular customer usually comes with the same friend every time, and this time they ordered the Russian roulette but asked for six pieces of chicken, with five pieces being super spicy.

Then they explained that they wanted to play the game with the two of them and the four of us working. Two of us cannot really handle spicy stuff, while me and my boss are fairly OK with the really spicy stuff too. Having 5 "bullets" in a gun with 6 "chambers" is not so much roulette as suicide... Strangely enough, one of our customers managed to draw the only not very spicy chicken. The other customer turned out to have no pain receptors at all (at least it seemed like that) and was completely fine even with the very spicy chicken she got. Very impressive. Two of our staff were running around screaming.

Dove themed badges, cookies, and a t-shirt!
Our customer had also brought birthday presents for me. I got a dove themed set of things, including dove cookies (a Tokyo omiyage) and dove badges ("Jonas" means "dove"). I also got a pink t-shirt that says "hat trick" and shows a magician's hat and a dove. A quite nice hat, and a quite nice birthday present. I also got a gold colored deck of cards.

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