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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Not actually a zombie (a ghost)

This years Halloween look: a ghost, not a zombie
I was invited to a Halloween party on the 31st  by one of my friends. I also planned to go to the Halloween party at Bottom Cafe this year too.

I keep being told to not be a zombie, since I have done that several times. I decided to try something similar, though, since most of the people I would meet had never seen me as a zombie and the zombie look is the only one I have done so far that actually looks pretty good.

I was thinking I should be a ghost instead. Then you could still use blood, and I have lots of blood left over (I make my own blood from syrup and food coloring) that it would be nice to get some use out of.

First arm experiment
I decided to try to make a ghost who had his head cut off, and then put pack on again. So I wanted a big scar or wound around my neck. I have never made anything like that before, but I looked up some videos on YouTube that said you can make nice looking wounds by gluing toilet paper on your skin, so I decided to try that. I first experimented on my arm, and since that looked OK I tried to do the same to my neck.

The neck was more difficult, since you cannot see large parts of your neck, and you also have a bad angle when painting. The result was so-so, but I was already 1 hour late for the party my friend invited me to, so I figured it would have to do.

The back of the neck is difficult to do well on... but it was mostly covered by my collar
I also wanted to stick a lot of thread to my skin, to make it look like the head had been sewn back on, but I had no time and figured that would have to wait until next time. I ended up being 1 hour and 20 minuets late to the party, but since my friend was about 1 hour late too, she was still in a back room somewhere, changing clothes, when I arrived. This also meant that I stepped into a room full of people who I had never met and who wondered how I had managed to find this place and what I was doing there...

The Halloween party at Attic (as the place is called) was nice. We then went to the Bottom Cafe Halloween party too, which was also nice. I also stopped by in our magic bar to say hello. Late at night when I was going home, I passed by very close to the bar where one of my friends work, so I dropped in for a quick drink there too. Then I went home.

The ghost look was quite popular, and people kept taking photos of or with me. Everyone thought I was still a zombie, though.

Once I got home, I had to wash off the blood and the paint (otherwise the bed turns into a sticky bloodbath and you get paint everywhere). Getting rid of the toilet paper was surprisingly difficult. Last year I glued a zipper on my face using the same make-up glue, and that came of very easily. The toilet paper did not. I spent about an hour in the early morning trying to loosen the paper up with water and trying to loosen the glue up with some glue remover I had bought at the same time.

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