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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bottom Cafe 9 years

I often eat at a bar called Bottom Cafe, which is conveniently located close to my place. It is also in the same building as one of our magic bars, and it is open until at least 5 in the morning, so even when you work late at the university you can still have dinner.

The first time I went there, it was with a friend who had a magazine of cafes around Sapporo. She wanted to visit most of the recommended ones in the magazine, but thinks it is weird to go to a place that serves food all alone. So we went around to lots of cafes, and one day we came to Bottom Cafe. Which is not a cafe, but a bar, so why it was listed is a mystery.

Anyway, we came there on the 4 year anniversary (by chance), so all things on the drink menu and the food menu where 400 yen each (i.e. very cheap). The food was excellent, so I dropped by the next day too (all alone) to try some more of the food menu. The owner was there that day and suggested to some people that they should go and talk to me, and since I was practicing a new card trick while waiting for my food to be prepared (I sometimes do things like that when I am all alone and just sitting and waiting) he said that he thought that for sure I was a magician and they could ask me to show them something. Since then, we have been quite good friends. He is also born the same year as me.

At 5:30 a.m. lots of people were mostly just sleeping in the bar

This year, it was the 9 year anniversary of Bottom Cafe. I dropped by late at night (or more like early morning) after our magic bar had closed. It was nice, as always. I did end up drinking tequila every night that I showed up late, though. The manager was drunk and thought it was great that I was there again, so he gave me tequila for free. Drinking tequila at 6 in the morning is not my ideal way to relax after working 20 hours, but if there is a celebration...

Someone had danced their shoe off

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