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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Soup curry and On-chan goods

Soup curry

My brother and my sister in law were hungry when they arrived, so we started their Sapporo stay by going to the Okushiba Shoten soup curry restaurant just south of Sapporo Station. Soup curry is a Sapporo (or at least Hokkaido) invention, and it is a very nice dish. My brother wanted to try it (we did not have soup curry the last time he was in Sapporo) while my sister in law was skeptical of the idea ("It's just watered down curry, right?") but agreed to try it once just because it is famous.

They were both positively surprised by how great soup curry is, and we had a very good start to their Sapporo stay.

After dropping off their luggage at the hotel, we took a look at my apartment (they stayed relatively close to where I live). They thought it was very cramped (which it is) but very cheap (which by Sapporo standards it is not, but compared to Tokyo it is very cheap).

All wood ballpoint pens

My sister in law also wanted to by souvenirs with the On-chan character, which is a local mascot for the Hokkaido TV channel. We went to a shop specializing in On-chan goods, and I ended up buying some things myself too.

I liked the new character Onion-chan, who looks like an onion and has a name that is a clever pun on On-chan. I got a free Onion-chan fan to use in the hot summer when I bought some Swedish made (!) On-chan things.


  1. Replies
    1. Reflexer av märket "Glimmis" märkta "Made in Sweden". Fast med On-chan.

      De måste ju rimligen vara gjorda specifikt för Hokkaido-marknaden, dock.

  2. Tänk vad mycket man inte vet.. :-) Coolt!!