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Sunday, June 8, 2014

More school festival food and other things. But mostly food.

Celery and spinach drink, and a guy who thought my "I am not Japanese t-shirt" was super funny

I spent Friday walking around the school festival with some friends. And on Saturday I had an hour or so that I did not have to work, so I found some time to find some more food at the festival then too.

A sloppily made tai-yaki-waffle 

Turkish kebab

Pakistan chicken curry and bread (very good!)

Pizza made from ingredients grown at the university

Palestinian sweets

African chicken

Thai food

Coconuts flavored ramen from Myanmar

Chicken wrap, from Pakistan

A piano cafe where you can request songs to be played live for you

The school festival also included June 6, which is "Sweden Day" in Sweden, so there was a Swedish girl presenting Sweden at our university (but I did not have time to go there)

Egyptian falafel

Palestinian cake

Deep fried bread, with ice cream

Avocado and bacon crepe

The robot club had games you could try (to win more food)

The manga club sold postcards

"Italian" "catalana"

Two guys selling tea

The "cooking club" sold chicken wraps, that were excellent!

Setting a pizza on fire

Pumpkin juice

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