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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hokudai School Festival

Today is the first day of the Hokudai (my university) school festival. That means there are students dressed in strange outfits selling strange food. There are also rooms with huge model railways (the model railway club), manga drawing exhibits (the manga drawing club), rooms with live music (various music clubs of the university), and much more.

Big sized Jenga game

I had lunch at the festival booths. There are several kilometers of booths, so you cannot try all the food, but we found some interesting things.

"Greek style" yogurt pairfait

There was a guy in a white uniform trying to get people to try out the air guns of the air gun club. It looked funny when he in his captains uniform managed to get a group of high school girls in sailor uniforms to gather around.

I was told by a cute girl that sold me something called "Greek style yogurt parfait" that she had seen me perform magic in our magic bar. I was told by my Greek colleague that he has neither seen nor heard of anything even remotely similar to a yogurt parfait in Greece. But what does he know, anyway?

The agricultural department said that all the ingredients in this pizza were "made in Hokudai" (made at the experimental fields of our university). The pizza was great.

Deer sausage and horse sausage

Curry filled crepe

This was called a "hamburger" but was more like a chicken sandwich 

This was called "tacos" but was more like a very spicy spring roll

This was called tacos, and was pretty much that

Fish shaped sweet waffle filled with pizza toppings (cheese, tomato, etc.)

Grilled onigiri with miso and meat

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